Wednesday, 6 July 2016

LotR Rorke's Drift style

 We played the first scenario from the "war of the ring" ones that come in the rulebook and it remided me immediately of the Zulu movie. I took the command of the unlimited hordes of uruks while my father commanded the embattled defenders. If 4 defenders survived by the 20th turn the light would have won.
 Muffled men of harlech sounding in the distance
 Uruks sir, thousands of them!
 I moved my hand to hand groups hugging the cover
 While the archers advanced and shot

 The light moved to intercept the two incoming groups of zul eh uruks

 They killed easily the first line defenders and jumped in
 In the other side progress was slower
 While one of the men's captians intercepted another group

 The uruk chieftain forces a breach
 But his uruks are getting repelled at the cost of several losses for the defenders

 Jumping barriers isn't that easy

 But for each uruk killed another comes in from the board's edge
 To jump a barrier you must roll 2+ but unless you throw a 6 you stop at the other side and there youu're quit vulnerable to counterattacks or shooting

 The light heroes were a great help to the defenders
 One of them fell to the blade of the evil chieftain
 The battle rages all arount the square as uruks attack any gap in the lines
 The defenders retreat from the barricades, and soon chaos engulfs the village
 The fights come and go with equal losses
 My father proposed a duel of honour against my cheiftain; but since I was playing as the darkness such word had no meaning for my minions, and one of them stabbed his captain in the back!
He survived tough!
After eight turns and a 40% losses he decided to concede, altought the battle could have gone both ways It's really hard to kill someone behind a barrier (as it should) and one of his heroes had still some might points in store to charge first.


  1. That looks fantastic and like great fun. Brilliant set up. Thanks for sharing.